Useful Links

Diocese of Rochester: The Diocese of Rochester website is a great resource for information including their programs, offices and ministries, schools and more. It also provides useful information for Catholics seeking to enrich their faith.

Other Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities USA: Our parent organization, founded in 1910. Catholic Charities has agencies and institutions nationwide, like CCTT, that provide social services to people in need. Their website provides information about their projects and on how to become a member.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Rochester: The organization that encompasses CCTT and other Catholic Charities in the 12 counties of the diocese.

Catholic Charities Offices, Southern Tier: Contact information for other Catholic Charities in the Southern Tier.



Poverty USA: Poverty USA is a part of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development which assists people to escape poverty through empowerment programs. Their website provides facts about poverty, ways to get involved, and information on their programs.


Immigrant Services

Immigration Policy Center: The Immigration Policy Center is an initiative of the American Immigration Law Foundation. It is dedicated to research and analysis of the contributions made to America by immigrants.

The New York Immigration Coalition – The NYIC boasts nearly 200 member organizations, helps foster immigrant community leadership and civic engagement, and puts immigrants at the table in the major public policy debates of the day.

Immigration Advocates Network – The Immigration Advocates Network (IAN) is a collaborative effort of leading immigrants’ rights organizations designed to increase access to justice for low-income immigrants and strengthen the capacity of organizations serving them. IAN promotes more effective and efficient communication, collaboration, and services among immigration advocates and organizations by providing free, easily accessible and comprehensive online resources and tools.

Local Churches and Parishes

Ithaca College Catholic Community

Cornell Catholic Community

St. Catherine of Siena, Ithaca

Immaculate Conception, Ithaca

All Saints Church, Lansing

Holy Cross Church, Dryden

St. Anthony’s Church, Groton

Blessed Trinity and St. Patrick’s, Tioga County

Vineyard Church of Ithaca