Tompkins County Programming and Services:

Samaritan Center:  The Samaritan Center at Catholic Charities provides a variety of services for low and moderate income Tompkins county residents including a free clothing closet, the distribution of personal needs items and diapers, financial assistance for households who have urgent, short-term financial needs, security deposit and transportation assistance to help get to work or school.  In addition to these services, we have on-site facilitated enrollment for Food Stamps as well as the NYS Medicaid/Child Health Plus/Family Health Plus insurance programs.

Samaritan Center provides personal hygiene products to individuals and families in Tompkins County through our Ithaca office and through three satellite sites in rural communities.  95% of these individuals and families are very low income, some are homeless or face homelessness, many receive food stamps; all are struggling. CCTT’s program has been in operation for many years and individuals and families have come to rely on this service to meet their basic hygiene needs, as it is the only consistent resource available in our community for struggling individuals and families to access personal and home hygiene items.  A personal hygiene package includes shampoo, toilet paper, dish detergent and laundry detergent.  Each household also chooses a YOU PICK ITEM that is specialized to personal or home need.

Our intake process at the Samaritan Center involves an interview that allows our staff to assess both short-term and long-term needs of our clients. Through close collaboration with county-wide agencies, we are able to make appropriate referrals and advocate for assistance and benefits.

Nutrution Outreach and Education Program/Food Stamps Pre-Screening Services: Through our NOEP Program, staff of Catholic Charities can pre-screen clients on their eligibility for SNAP (Food Stamps); help gather necessary documents and complete the application process; effectively and efficiently expedite these applications; and make referrals to other local services for low income people.

Service Navigator: This position can help all individuals navigate the resources in the county.  The service navigator can go with the person and help fill out applications, talk to people, work on employment skills and help with money management skills.

Family Empowerment is a collaborative effort to assist parents, families, and individuals through the following three programs:

The Parent Partnership is the parent advocacy component of the Single Point of Accountability (SPOA) Team in Tompkins County.   The program forges partnerships with parents/ families who have children with emotional and behavior challenges who are at risk for out of home placement.  Staff attended SPOA (Single Point of Accountability) meetings & other meetings with family members to create a plan to keep children at home; or when placement has to occur, to explore the least restrictive placements.

The Fatherhood Initiative Pilot Program is a case management program that provides individualized and group case management services to fathers who are disengaged from the parenting process due to divorce, custody and child support issues, and/or addressing blended family issues.  The goal of the program will be to develop attitudes, knowledge and skills in fathers that will lead to effective fathering and parenting, and ultimately to avoid costly interventions for children that often result from lack of informed parenting.  The hallmark of the program is to support Daddy-hood and assist fathers into transitioning into the role of Dad.  Additionally the program is mother friendly & promotes shared parenting, when applicable to safety and permanency for children.

Community Connections is a voluntary and time limited parent mentoring program offered to families during the investigation being done by Child Protective Services.  The goals are to help individuals/families reported to the child Abuse and Maltreatment Hotline understand and navigate the child welfare system and the investigation process; to help individuals/families understand their rights and responsibilities during the course of their involvement with Child Protective Services; to help individuals/families effectively communicate with and collaborate with Child Protective Services to improve service planning and outcome; to help individuals/families to connect with family and community natural supports and to access informal and formal community-based resources as needed; to help individuals/families identify and build on their strengths, increasing the likelihood of successful resolution in their work with Child Protective Services.

Justice & Peace Ministry works with a diverse array of faith communities and people of good will to study and develop recommendations for effective public policy actions – and to pursue action and activism to bring these to fruition.  We advocate for needed changes to our society to bring about a more just world.

Immigrant Services: Since 2007, ISP has been providing comprehensive services for low-income immigrants residing in Tompkins County in order to better facilitate their integration into our community.  Working with a single-point case manager/Director, we conduct a hybrid program that focuses on ensuring our clients can access community resources despite language and/or cultural barriers, as well as access affordable legal immigration services. A job developer effectively assists clients who have limited English-proficiency, and/or little or no formal education or job training.  We are also recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) as a non-profit agency that can provide legal advocacy to our clients and the ISP Director received accreditation from the BIA in order to represent clients in front of the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. In addition, we are also providing citizenship and naturalization services that target the elderly, low-income individuals, and those receiving public assistance.  We also provide computer skills and help with employment skills.  ISP is the only program in our area that offers such a wide variety of services in order to successfully integrate immigrants into our community.

Tioga County Programming and Services:

Tioga Outreach Center opened its doors in Waverly in 2004 to offer services for emergency needs for people seeking financial assistance, guidance and referrals. Relocating to Nichols in 2011, the Outreach Center continues to focus on the needs of low-income working families who lack sufficient regular financial resources to meet basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and health care.   Subgroups include people no longer eligible for public assistance, food stamps or Medicaid due to reaching life time limits on welfare; the working poor with income over eligibility guidelines for public assistance; and seniors and the disabled, who are often socially isolated and living on fixed incomes.

Tioga Outreach Center serves low-income families by providing a Food Pantry and Community Food Giveaways; emergency financial assistance for utilities, prescriptions, gasoline, bus vouchers, and security deposits; and free clothing and personal care products and cleaning items.  In addition, we provide in-depth case follow-up to our services, and offer skills development and problem solving opportunities through community groups dedicated to enhancing quality of life skills such as budgeting, wellness, and nutrition.  Our long-term outcomes include preventing and addressing homelessness, stabilizing housing for school and employment continuity, and helping to sustain more economically stable families by providing them with information to develop financial management skills.

YESThe Youth Engagement Service (YES) program is an opportunity to keep youth engaged and connected with the school and community resources. This program addresses specific cultural and behavioral issues among high school aged students in the Newark Valley Central and Spencer-VanEtten school districts. We are building the “prerequisite” to learning, supporting not only school achievement, but long-term success. This program benefits the youth, their families, and the community as a whole.  The YES prevention plan includes three essential elements: Attendance Intervention; Home and Family Study and Support; and After-School Academic Support Program.

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