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Youth Empowerment Support Services

The Youth Empowerment Support Services (YESS) supports and empowers disadvantaged youth.

YESS Club is an academic support program in Newark Valley and Spencer-Van Etten High Schools whose goal is to maximize high school graduation rates and minimize drop out rates.   Students are referred to the program through their principals, guidance counselors and teaching staff at the high school.

YESS Club works to improve grades and minimize disciplinary issues.   The program uses a strength- based approach and incentives to increase school attendance, academic performance, and life skills.

YESS staff are in the schools three days a week, providing tutoring and encouragement.  YESS Club offers workshops on many life skills, including anger management, healthy eating and communication.

Monthly field trips increase knowledge of post-graduation career and college opportunities and appreciation for the arts.  YESS Club students also participate in community service outings.




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