Emergency Financial Assistance

Our Samaritan Center provides emergency financial assistance to low income and vulnerable people. Please call ahead to make an appointment to request specific help.

The types of assistance we provide include:

Security Deposits for Housing
The security deposit program is funded through the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency

  • This is a 2 – 3-week application process
  • Checks mailed directly to the landlord

Utility Payments

  • If you have been denied by DSS or the utility company for emergency assistance, bring in your shut-off notice to your first appointment

Transportation Assistance

  • Bus passes or gas vouchers available for school, medical appointments, or the first few weeks before a paycheck at a new job
  • We will verify work schedules and medical appointments
  • For education, bring your school schedule

Emergency Prescriptions

  • Medically urgent situations only
  • Must have no insurance coverage, or be unable to pay the co-pay
  • Narcotic medication prescriptions are not eligible

Be prepared

*Proof of Income is required for all of these services*

To download a brochure of these services, please click here.