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Developmental Disabilities Services

We offer a range of services to people with developmental disabilities to assist them in gaining new skills.  These intensive, person-centered services are tailored to each individual.

Community Habilitation: This program helps individuals improve their daily living and social skills, for example, cooking, budgeting and learning to take public transportation.

Pre-Vocational Community-Based Services:  This program arranges unpaid volunteer and community experiences for individuals who would like to build job skills.  Clients learn skills to help them obtain future employment, such as problem-solving, work safety, and good work-place habits. These services are provided to persons not expected to join the general workforce within one year.

Employment Training Program (ETP): The Employment Training Program (ETP) provides opportunities for individuals to gain real work experience through paid internships. Supports provided through ETP include job development, job placement, and job coaching services.  The goal of this service is to assist individuals in eventually obtaining paid employment in the community, earning at least minimum wage.

Supportive Employment (SEMP): The purpose of this service is to assist individuals in maintaining paid employment earning above minimum wage in an integrated setting in the general workforce.  Visits by our staff, which are less frequent than with other employment services, are conducted to assess an individual’s progress toward meeting goals and maintaining employment stability.

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